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EFA Webinar: What’s going on in Brussels?

25. März 2022
10:00 Uhr - 11:00 Uhr

Die European Fundraising Association (EFA) organisiert am 25. März ein Webinar zum Thema «What's going on in Brussels?», das allen Interessierten offen steht. Die Dachorganisation für Fundraising-Verbände in ganz Europa zählt 18 Mitgliedsverbände, darunter auch Swissfundraising, und verfolgt das Ziel, das Fundraising in ganz Europa zu stärken und weiterzuentwickeln.

L'European Fundraising Association (EFA) organise le 25 mars un webinaire sur le thème "What's going on in Brussels ?", ouvert à toutes les personnes intéressées. L'organisation faîtière des associations de fundraising dans toute l'Europe compte 18 membres, y compris Swissfundraising, et a pour objectif de renforcer et de développer le fundraising dans toute l'Europe.

The webinar is aimed at providing an overview on what’s going on in fundraising regulation in Europe, as well as offering a perspective about how EFA works across Europe to keep ahead of issues that impact on fundraising for our national members.

Beyond providing information and updates, our purpose is also to bring together a network of partners to advance topics related to fundraising and nonprofit development within Europe.


  • Opening and introduction
  • e-privacy
  • The European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee proposal for a “A statute for European cross-border associations and non-profit organisations”
  • Partnerships
  • Q&A
  • Closing remarks

The webinar will be hosted by Simona Biancu, EFA Board Member, Chair Public Affairs, and Patrick Gibbels, Gibbels Public Affairs, EFA Consultant in Brussels.

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