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Impact Investing: A start-up looks for investors

28. September 2017
18 Uhr - 20 Uhr
Halle 8/Launchlabs, Dornacherstrasse 192, Basel

Impact investing has many different definitions. In this part of the event series, we will look at impact start-ups and the process of pitching the business to potential investors.

One of the start-ups, Ja Ja Genau, was created from a passion for shoes, and means to create upscale shoes in a sustainable manner. Ravi Seth, CEO, will ‘pitch’ his company using a typical format for investors. As an impact venture though, Ja Ja Genau faces extra challenges, such as: material sourcing, production and sales.

Ja Ja Genau will pitch the business to an investor – Daniel Häring of Go Beyond Investing, a pan-European angel investing group. Daniel is an actuary, experienced with reviewing businesses and investing in start-ups. Daniel will do a Q&A with Ravi in order to better understand specific points of the business model.

An open Q&A will allow participants to ask questions, with a focus on the challenges faced by impact ventures and the challenges investors face to invest in impact start-ups.

We will hold an apéro following the pitches, providing an opportunity to interact with the entrepreneurs and Daniel.

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