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Swissfundraising-Seminar: Great Fundraising

22. Juni 2018
09:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr
CHF 500.- / 900.-
Kursaal, Kornhausstrasse 3, Bern, Bellavista 2

In this exclusive seminar for Switzerland, esteemed consultant and researcher Alan Clayton provides an outstanding opportunity to learn the cultures, behaviours and leadership required for your organisation to achieve great fundraising and grow your organisation and income significantly.

The content of the Great Fundraising Seminar is formed by a unique mix of academic research and case studies, with particular reference to the Great Fundraising Report which you can download from alanclayton.co.uk. Attending this Seminar will leave you with a list of ‘must-do’ actions to be implemented immediately on your return. 

Learning outcomes

  • The outcomes of the Great Fundraising research and report, interpretations and their application to real case studies.
  • How others have managed to achieve great fundraising.
  • How to understand donors’ needs.
  • How Great Fundraising can drive your organisation’s mission, and vice versa.
  • How to unite organisations behind and help them become proud of their fundraising.
  • How your leadership and inspiration drive fundraising performance.
  • To support a continuous learning culture as the secret to innovation and growth.
  • To find the single proposition that unites and drives your organisation.
  • How to make decisions on the brand, proposition and messaging that drives great fundraising.
  • How to have a whole-organisation-fundraising culture.
  • How to focus your fundraising and stand out in a crowded market. 

Who should attend?

You may be a fundraiser, but you are definitely a leader. This seminar is for chief executives, executive team members, trustees, directors and heads of fundraising. Ambitious fundraisers who want to be future leaders are very welcome too.  

The tutor: Alan Clayton

Alan Clayton has worked with over 320 charities, NGOs and non-profits worldwide. He is Chairman of Alan Clayton Associates, based in Scotland and Denmark, and currently active in many countries, including Switzerland and Germany. He is Managing Partner at the Inch Hotel and Inspiration Centre, Loch Ness, Scotland and Board Chair at Karat Marketing, a telephone fundraising agency in Dunfermline, UK and is Chairman of Robejohn in Melbourne. He has also a director of UK consultancies Revolutionise FAB, Remarkable Partnerships and Legacy Voice. Alan has previously held major fundraising and leadership posts and served as Chief Executive Officer of three fundraising agencies. Alan is one of the leading consultants, coaches, creative directors and inspirational speakers. His specialisms are emotional behaviour, board and executive team development, creative strategy, donor insight and motivation and he has published much original research and theory. Alan is a keen mountaineer, powerboat skipper and golfer and has a reputation for insight, inspiration and for saying things others don’t dare to.