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Webinar Benchmarking with Target Analytics

16. Juni 2020
15:00 Uhr

Target Analytics is a fundraising consulting company owned by the US software giant Blackbaud. Their donorCentrics product suite provides a deep-dive analysis of your organization’s fundraising trends so you can track the long-term impact of your initiatives.  Using this analysis as a baseline, donorCentrics then benchmarks your efforts to other NPO, allowing you to use collaborative insight to expand high-performing programs and address underperforming ones.

This performance benchmark goes way deeper than analyzing and comparing mailing campaigns, but addresses a strategic rather than a tactical level. It delivers important long-term performance indicators (KPI) such as multi-year retention or Life-Time-Value for different fundraising channels.

If there is enough interest, such a performance benchmark could also be offered in Switzerland. This webinar gives a brief introduction into this programme.

Alle Teilnehmenden erhalten kurz vor dem Event den Link zum Webinar, das durch die Fachgruppe Datamining, geleitet von Remo Gubler Strassmann, organisiert wird und offen für alle Interessierte ist. Es wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt.

Tous les participants recevront le lien vers le Webinar peu avant l'événement. Le webinaire est organisé par le groupe spécialiste Datamining et est ouvert à toutes les personnes intéressées. Il se tiendra en anglais.

Bei Fragen/questions à: remo.gubler@bluewin.ch